First of all, thank you for having interests in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital and applying for a surgical observation. In order to convey the developed medical technique of the hospital more systematically, the surgical observation will be proceeded in accordance with the new criterion. Please note that among the doctors who want to attend a surgical observation, only the doctors who meet all the criteria below are permitted to attend a surgical observation.

 1.  You must be currently working in a hospital whose scale is as big as either a general hospital or a university hospital.
 2.  You must be able to provide a reference from either two of hospital directors or a professor.
 3.  You must be able to attend a surgical observation at least a month.
 4.  You must be a specialist in the field of plastic surgery.

 Please upload 2 references and a scanned medical license on the application field to participate a surgical observation. Thank you.

* To apply the training, Please enter your mobile phone number and e-mail address correctly.
Sex Female Male
Medical license No.
Location of Hospital
Office Address
Office Number
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phone number
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Desire period(Start date)  请您按这个选择希望参观日期(开始)。
Desire period(Finish date)  请您按这个选择做希望参观日期(结束)。

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